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Growing Pleasures Garden Club strives to stimulate the love of horticulture, garden design, plant & animal life and natural beauty. The garden club provides education, resources and networking opportunities for members.

Growing Pleasures Garden Club researches, develops and promotes sound, practical ideas, and techniques covering all aspects of horticulture. This includes plant care, design, crafts, recipes and environmental responsibility. Members can share their experiences here whether they are professional or novice all are welcome from the best landscapers and qualified tree loppers to amateurs, all are welcome. Be it sharing where to buy the cheapest pavers Sydney has to offer or where the best stonemason in Perth is.

Feature Article

Soil Microbes- What are they, what do they do and how do I get them?
Successful organic gardening depends on the health of the soil. It is important to understand that healthy soil is alive with millions of microbes- microscopic animals and fungi that provide a number of services to us gardeners.

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Garden Trivia

What flower seed did the North American Plains Indians place on the graves of their dead to provide food for the journey to heaven?

Answer (1-word):    

Last Week’s Trivia: In Victorian times, what did the gift of a single red rose mean? [I Love You]

Our Goals

Growing Pleasures Garden Club fosters:

  • Friendly & Accessible Atmosphere
  • Development & Distribution of Garden Information
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Member Networking
  • Education & Knowledge Sharing
  • Friendship Through Gardening

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